Academic Programs


English Enrichment

This class combines applied practice in expository and creative writing with an intensive review of basic grammar. Grammar studies include sentence diagramming, writing projects include an introduction to the traditional five-paragraph essay, and creative writing includes free writing and poetry. Students may take just one week, but they may benefit from enrolling in multiple weeks as lessons build on each other throughout the summer. Class instructor Mr. Jonathan Vaile currently chairs the St. Anselm’s English Department and has been teaching English for over 20 years. (Open to students entering grades 5 and up.)

Offered Weeks 1-6 / 9:00-10:20 / $105 per week ($115 after May 1)


Latin Grammar Remediation
This course is intended for students who have previously had difficulty in their Latin courses, or for students who are being exposed to Latin for the first time. Material will be geared towards pupils’ individual needs, with particular emphasis on first and second year Latin. Charles Jenney’s series of textbooks is used. The course instructor is Mr. Adam Fries, who teaches first- and second-year Latin at St. Anselm’s. (Open to students entering grades 6 and up.)

Offered Weeks 1-6 / 10:40 -12:00  / $105 per week ($115 after May 1)

Algebra/Pre-Algebra Review

This course is intended for students who have previously had difficulty in Algebra or Pre-Algebra courses. The summer-long course will review the material typically covered in a year of beginning Algebra. Classes are taught by math teacher Mr. Paul Commins. (Open to students entering grades 7 and up who have studied Algebra/Pre-Algebra for at least one year.)

Offered Weeks 1-6 / 12:30-3:30 / $175 per week ($185 after May 1)


Study Skills for Middle & High School 
This one-week program, offered during the second half of our summer session, will expose students to new strategies and techniques to get the most out of their daily study routine. Take a week this summer to develop the tools and habits that will serve you well all year long! (Open to students entering Grades 6 through 9.)

Offered Weeks 4 & 6 / 12:30-3:30 / $250 ($260 after May 1)


Chess Camp is Canceled